We Want Solutions

We Want Solutions - Jerry Beller blog

We Want Solutions. Hey Partisans: Stop bashing the other side & start offering solutions to our problems. #bipartisanship #issues #solutions #2016 #politics WE WANT SOLUTIONS Instead of just bashing the other side, how about we start offering specific solutions to specific solutions. All both sides have accomplished with constantly bashing each other is convince a many of […]

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TURNING 30: Coming of Age Memoir – Excerpt

Turning 30: Coming of Age Memoir – ExcerptIn 1987, Jerry Beller faced turning thirty. Turning 30: Coming of Age Memoir shows him going against the grain. Instead of joining “the real world” as so many recommended (insisted!), Jerry had other ideas. This interview focuses on Jerry’s job interview at the Urban Lounge in Nashville. Mike […]

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Hate, Generalizations & Divisions

Forget the Labels - Jerry Beller Blog

I love certain kinds of people who happen to be brown, black, white, rural, urban, American, foreign, conservative, liberal, religious, atheist, etc. None of the above identifications tell us much, in and of itself, about character. I love honest, hard working, decent, compassionate, innovated, intelligent, rational people who come from every group I’ve listed, characterizations that […]

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Shut Up & Vote

Knight - End the Trump & Clinton rants

​Nobody has changed anybody’s mind for months, so stop pretending your daily social media rants about Trump or Clinton are saving the Republic. Like most crusades, yours isn’t holy.  Please end the Trump/Clinton posts. Nobody’s saving the Republic through daily partisan dribble on Facebook, Twitter, or social media. I suggest a quiet period spent brushing up […]

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Jerry Beller - Stop Trampling on the First Amendment

Political correctness (on all sides) prevents Americans and humans from conversing the way we need to about important issues. It seems every group of people operates like gangs whose primary purpose is to deny people their first amendment right to free speech. These packs of mind policers can’t stop pissing on the First Amendment. If […]

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