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Why I Love Popovich

By blogjb / September 27, 2017

Why I Love Gregg Popovich I coached and ran a large basketball club for a dozen years, but can’t say most sports figures, coaches, entertainers impress me much when it comes to GETTING IT. I love Greg Popovich because he gets what is wrong with our president and this country. Below is a quote from […]


Two Party Hypocrites – GOP & DEM Phonies

By blogjb / December 21, 2016

As the 2000 Presidential Election neared its end, it looked like Gore would win the Electoral College and GW Bush the Popular Vote. Republicans whined all over the country how unfair that would be, and Democrats defended the Electoral College as part of the eternal wisdom of our Founding Fathers. The opposite happened. Gore won […]


Hate, Generalizations & Divisions

By blogjb / December 12, 2016

I love certain kinds of people who happen to be brown, black, white, rural, urban, American, foreign, conservative, liberal, religious, atheist, etc.None of the above identifications tell us much, in and of itself, about character. I love honest, hard working, decent, compassionate, innovated, intelligent, rational people who come from every group I’ve listed, characterizations that […]


Shut Up & Vote

By blogjb / October 27, 2016

​Nobody has changed anybody’s mind for months, so stop pretending your daily social media rants about Trump or Clinton are saving the Republic. Like most crusades, yours isn’t holy.  Please end the Trump/Clinton posts. Nobody’s saving the Republic through daily partisan dribble on Facebook, Twitter, or social media. I suggest a quiet period spent brushing up […]


When Will It End?

By blogjb / September 20, 2016

I hoped to go a day or two without feeling compelled to write anything about race, cops, and shootings. Instead, an attorney friend emailed me the footage released a couple of hours ago of the latest white cop shooting a black man in Tulsa. At best, this is a case of another cop who is […]


Why It Is Personal – White & Black Bigots need to Chill

By blogjb / September 20, 2016

I’ve devoted a lot of time the past couple of years to challenging racists/bigots of every color and type. For me, it’s personal. Bigots cannot say “Black People” or “White People” without offending me. Dark and light bigots have been getting on my last nerve for three decades. I love white and black people, and […]



By blogjb / September 1, 2016

Political correctness (on all sides) prevents Americans and humans from conversing the way we need to about important issues. It seems every group of people operates like gangs whose primary purpose is to deny people their first amendment right to free speech. These packs of mind policers can’t stop pissing on the First Amendment. If […]