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Read Kindle Books without Kindle with Free Amazon App

By jerrybeller / October 2, 2017

Best way to Read Kindle Book without a KindleDid you know you can read Kindle books without a Kindle? In this article, we explore the best way to read Kindle books without a kindle with free Amazon app. DID YOU KNOW YOU DON’T NEED A KINDLE TO READ KINDLE BOOKS?Kindles can be read in the […]


Too Many Negative Vibes

By jerrybeller / August 10, 2016

There’re too many negative vibes in Americans and humans. How about we take a day in the United States and the world to celebrate what we have because we live today. Only those at the very bottom have the right to be angry. All the other complainers are bellyachers as generations before would say.  FOCUS […]



By jerrybeller / August 5, 2016

One out of every six Americans dies from Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. My mother died long after Alzheimer’s and dementia destroyed her personality and everything that made her a unique person. Click “PREVIEW” below book covers to read the first two chapters. ALZHEIMER’S & DEMENTIA Book SeriesAlready researching and writing books on natural prevention and sound […]


White People, Black people, Brown People

By jerrybeller / July 30, 2016

Everybody stop using “WHITE PEOPLE” or “BLACK PEOPLE” or “BROWN PEOPLE” unless what you’re talking about pertains to everybody who ever lived in one or the other race. It’s usually bigotry when somebody starts a sentence with “White People” or “Black People.” No race holds a monopoly on character, honesty, strength, courage, humanism, common sense; nor on […]


Take Back America: Abolish the Party System (Why I wrote it)

By jerrybeller / July 27, 2016

There’s some misunderstanding that my Take Back America: Abolish the Party System is an “anti-Hillary” or “anti-Trump” book. That’s not true. I’ve been advocating and working towards this release since the late seventies and early eighties. I’m not calling for an independent candidate or a third party candidate in 2016. This book and the idea […]



By jerrybeller / July 17, 2016

How do we protect good cops from bad citizens and good citizens from bad cops? Update on August 21, 2016. I only wrote the one question in the original post. I’ve asked the same question dozens of times on Facebook, Twitter, and to people in person. I’ll likely ask it dozens more times as nobody, including […]



By jerrybeller / July 15, 2016

Some individuals follow the Golden Rule, but I can’t think of one group that does. Different organizations survive in no small part by working the flock into a constant state of hysteria. Humans hurting humans is the oldest game on earth and what dumbs down our species. I’m appalled at how divided Americans, Europeans, Africans, […]


Take America Back: Abolish the Party System

By jerrybeller / June 8, 2016

ABOLISH THE PARTY SYSTEM Want to save America? Abolish the party system. Think it’s a radical idea? Let’s see what George Washington & John Adams said on the subject. Figure 1: John Adams   JOHN ADAMS John Adams, generally recognized as the most influential American politician of the Revolutionary War period, said the following when […]


Let’s Stop Pretending this is the Worst of Times

By jerrybeller / May 1, 2016

I watch the division that runs rampant across every continent and can’t help wondering what’s wrong with us humans. It seems we wiped out all the other similar human species and then turned on each other. Must we be so ganglike and divisive? Aren’t we capable of better? Let’s Stop Pretending this is the Worst […]


Things I Believe

By jerrybeller / February 1, 2016

I’ve angered a few people recently by stating things I believe. They claim I’ve “insulted Jesus” when all I’ve done is insult people who lie about Jesus, distort who he was, use him for profit, Facebook likes, to draw attention to themselves, to manipulate and judge others. I called these people hypocrites, and that’s what […]

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