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Back to the Future – Why is 2015 so disappointing?

This hilarious parody of BACK TO THE FUTURE sends Marty to the real 2015. Remember 1985. We expected so much more of 2015 back then.

BACK TO THE FUTURE – We expected so much more of 2015

In 1985, were we silly to expect major improvement in the human condition the next thirty years?

We thought we would have already:

  • Ended War.
  • Ended global hunger.
  • Ended poverty.
  • Moved beyond the combustible engine.
  • Ended partisan two-party nonsense.
  • Learned to properly take care of the veterans who defend our nation.
  • Ended the process of the super rich manipulating the political process to their advantage.
  • Closed the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Expanded the middle class.
  • Along with these other things, all but ended blue collar crime.
  • Broken up those “too big to fail” that get bailed out for destroying the economy with their greed.

That’s the short list. We could add at least a couple of dozen other important issues from 1985 that we thought would be solved by now.

Yeah, everybody has some fancy Jordans on their feet and a $500 “phone” in their hand, but have we progressed as a nation, culture, and species?

What went wrong?

The same things that always sets humans back also prevented some of the progress we expected.

What things?

  • Greed.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Jealousy.
  • Laziness.
  • Ignorance
  • Stupidity (morphed ignorance).

I don’t to think or say it, but too many Americans and humans are natural born liars, fundamentally dishonest, greedy to the core, jealous beyond reason, and way too many allow the ignorance that all of us start with to graduate to outright stupidity.

While there are overachievers, American are underachievers. We talk about being a Christian nation, but we’re perhaps the most greedy nation on earth. For various short periods in our nation’s history, Americans have stepped up to collectively be overachievers.

When the hell did that last happen?

World War II. We have not stepped up as a nation to collectively be overachievers since. Must there be another World War for us Americans to become Americans, first and foremost, instead of democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives, black or white, whatever or whatever?

Back to the Future – Why is 2015 so disappointing? by Jerry Beller


Published on Oct 14, 2015

Back to the Future, updated for the actual future!
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