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Take Back America: Abolish the Party System (Why I wrote it)

By jerrybeller / July 27, 2016

There’s some misunderstanding that my Take Back America: Abolish the Party System is an “anti-Hillary” or “anti-Trump” book. That’s not true. I’ve been advocating and working towards this release since the late seventies and early eighties. I’m not calling for an independent candidate or a third party candidate in 2016. This book and the idea […]



By jerrybeller / July 15, 2016

Some individuals follow the Golden Rule, but I can’t think of one group that does. Different organizations survive in no small part by working the flock into a constant state of hysteria. Humans hurting humans is the oldest game on earth and what dumbs down our species. I’m appalled at how divided Americans, Europeans, Africans, […]


Let’s Stop Pretending this is the Worst of Times

By jerrybeller / May 1, 2016

I watch the division that runs rampant across every continent and can’t help wondering what’s wrong with us humans. It seems we wiped out all the other similar human species and then turned on each other. Must we be so ganglike and divisive? Aren’t we capable of better? Let’s Stop Pretending this is the Worst […]


Facebook Friends – Less is more!

By jerrybeller / January 19, 2016

Most people want ten zillion Facebook friends, but I just want a few real friends. I’ve auditioned over 2,000 Facebook friends the past couple of years but decided it was mostly nonsense. Deciding less is more, I’ve been trying to scale down to 100 real friends. FACEBOOK FRIENDS – LESS IS MORE! Of all the […]


Do It For MLK

By jerrybeller / January 18, 2016

As I look back on the life of MLK, I ask why don’t we do it for MLK? Martin Luther King Jr. was one of a handful of black, white and brown people who fought for everybody to focus on character. I would love to see his (their) dream come true in my lifetime. Come […]


Labor & Management Needs Each Other

By jerrybeller / January 14, 2016

The one thing both sides refuse to admit is that Labor & Management needs each other.I’m a strong proponent of better wages & benefits, but workers in general needs to work harder, improve their attention spans & earn the higher salaries. Too many of these conversations are one-dimensional. Having been a worker and run my […]


Defending the Real Jesus

By jerrybeller / January 12, 2016

I love the real Jesus, but the average “jesus freak” is heavy on the freak and light on Jesus. According to the documented evidence, nobody ever lived who cared more for the poor, the downtrodden, the victims, and even criminals. DEFENDING THE REAL JESUS Isn’t it time true Christians and rational souls of any religious status who […]



By jerrybeller / November 24, 2015

Much older today than I once was, these are some of the lessons learned along the journey. I’ve learned from rural and urban relatives and mentors, first world and third world friends, the religious devoted and the atheist, books and the streets, conservatives and liberals, blacks and whites, and most the variations of people and […]



By jerrybeller / November 19, 2015

UPDATED: September 3, 2017 Tony Gerber is a musician, songwriter, graphic artist, humanitarian, computer geek, husband, father, and one of my most valued friends. I lived in Nashville for a year or two between Washington DC and Jamaica. While in Nashville, I met an amazing group of songwriters, artists, authors, musicians, singers, filmmakers and some of […]


OVERPOPULATION – Are we doomed?

By jerrybeller / November 10, 2015

Most everybody recognizes overpopulation as a major issue of our time. Is population growth out of control? Jerry Beller places it in historical context and confronts the realities. In the included BBC documentary, Hans Rosling challenges many conclusions people have formed about overpopulation. OVERPOPULATION – ARE WE DOOMED? At the beginning of the farming age, […]

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