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By jerrybeller / October 26, 2015

As if social media does not provide trolls and dimwits too many tools already, the latest idea is to add a dislike button to create a LIKE ME, LIKE ME NOT feature to every post. SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE ME, LIKE ME NOT The dislike button seems to be a Facebook idea at the moment, but we […]


Trevor Noah Reviews Democratic Debate

By jerrybeller / October 21, 2015

Both informative and hilarious, the Daily show’s Trevor Noah reviews the first democratic Democratic Debate. As a fan of both Noah and the Daily Show, I’ve come to expect this type of commentary. Why do comedians do a better job of reporting than the mainstream media? Trevor Noah Reviews Democratic Debate I thought John Stewart […]



By jerrybeller / October 20, 2015

I will post several blogs related to my Common Ground book series. Conservatives, liberals, moderates, democrats, republicans, independents, all races, all income groups, and types of Americans are invited to participate. COMMON GROUND I view the election as another opportunity to bring people together around common ground issues. We’ve been divided roughly since the Revolutionary […]


Back to the Future – Why is 2015 so disappointing?

By jerrybeller / October 16, 2015

This hilarious parody of BACK TO THE FUTURE sends Marty to the real 2015. Remember 1985. We expected so much more of 2015 back then. BACK TO THE FUTURE – We expected so much more of 2015 In 1985, were we silly to expect major improvement in the human condition the next thirty years? We […]


Donald Trump – Perfect Candidate, Wrong Continent

By jerrybeller / October 14, 2015

Donald Trump – “Perfect candidate, but wrong continent.”  Trevor Noah puts his stamp on the Daily Show. DONALD TRUMP As Trevor Noah illustrates in the video, if you can’t laugh at Donald Trump, you probably are incapable of laughing.  As a comedian or writer, you have to love a character like Trump. Now don’t get […]


We Want Solutions

By jerrybeller / October 14, 2015

We Want Solutions. Hey Partisans: Stop bashing the other side & start offering solutions to our problems. #bipartisanship #issues #solutions #2016 #politics WE WANT SOLUTIONS Instead of just bashing the other side, how about we start offering specific solutions to specific solutions. All both sides have accomplished with constantly bashing each other is convince a many of […]


Bring Back the Big Movies to Jamaica

By jerrybeller / October 13, 2015

Bring Back the Big Movies to Jamaica. Everything from James Bond to the Mighty Quinn was once filmed in Jamaica. I’m working with Jamaican filmmakers, including some in the video, to bring the big productions back to the island. BRING BACK THE BIG MOVIES TO JAMAICA I played no role in the production of the […]


Authors versus Editors

By jerrybeller / September 30, 2015

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION Authors versus editors in the ultimate challenge. The authors of the world hereby challenge editors to an international game of lacrosse. Keep it clean and let the best profession win. Authors vs Editors: Game of the Century Why? You editors have been insulting us authors ever since near the beginning of human activity. […]



By jerrybeller / September 25, 2015

SHOOTING STRAIGHT:Before the political season has officially begun, it is already in full gear. Recently, I’ve engaged people in social media about what I consider the important issues. I’ve challenged my liberal and conservative friends to search for common ground. Similar, I’ve attempted several times to inspire a respectful, calm, and overdue conversation about race […]


The World could use Wayman Tisdale

By jerrybeller / September 23, 2015

Looking back Who was Wayman Tisdale? In today’s beat-yourself-on-the-chest for next to nothing athletes, it is easy to forget not so long ago there was a great basketball player named Wayman Tisdale who showed people how to act on and off the court. Wayman Tisdale was not just an athlete, but also a world-class jazz musician. […]

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