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We Want Solutions

By jerrybeller / October 14, 2015

We Want Solutions. Hey Partisans: Stop bashing the other side & start offering solutions to our problems. #bipartisanship #issues #solutions #2016 #politics WE WANT SOLUTIONS Instead of just bashing the other side, how about we start offering specific solutions to specific solutions. All both sides have accomplished with constantly bashing each other is convince a many of […]


Bring Back the Big Movies to Jamaica

By jerrybeller / October 13, 2015

Bring Back the Big Movies to Jamaica. Everything from James Bond to the Mighty Quinn was once filmed in Jamaica. I’m working with Jamaican filmmakers, including some in the video, to bring the big productions back to the island. BRING BACK THE BIG MOVIES TO JAMAICA I played no role in the production of the […]


American Media Sucks – Where’s the Watchdog?

By jerrybeller / October 6, 2015

American Media Sucks – Where’s the watchdog? Why does the media ignore the issues, and focus on sensationalism? #PresidentialElection #BernieSanders American Media Sucks As this video illustrates, the American media sucks. They wallow in sensationalism, violence, cheap political attacks, and general stupidity. Where’s the beef? What happened to real journalism? Not only is the media […]


Authors versus Editors

By jerrybeller / September 30, 2015

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION Authors versus editors in the ultimate challenge. The authors of the world hereby challenge editors to an international game of lacrosse. Keep it clean and let the best profession win. Authors vs Editors: Game of the Century Why? You editors have been insulting us authors ever since near the beginning of human activity. […]


PROGRESS – Be glad you live now!

By jerrybeller / September 29, 2015

Although you’d never know it by the media and political parties, we’ve made much progress as a human race. Before all sides growl, I concede we’ve got a long ways to go. Just a few areas of concern: There is still systematic racism and bigotry to eliminate. Genocide still occurs and must be eliminated. Inequality […]



By jerrybeller / September 25, 2015

SHOOTING STRAIGHT:Before the political season has officially begun, it is already in full gear. Recently, I’ve engaged people in social media about what I consider the important issues. I’ve challenged my liberal and conservative friends to search for common ground. Similar, I’ve attempted several times to inspire a respectful, calm, and overdue conversation about race […]


The World could use Wayman Tisdale

By jerrybeller / September 23, 2015

Looking back Who was Wayman Tisdale? In today’s beat-yourself-on-the-chest for next to nothing athletes, it is easy to forget not so long ago there was a great basketball player named Wayman Tisdale who showed people how to act on and off the court. Wayman Tisdale was not just an athlete, but also a world-class jazz musician. […]



By jerrybeller / September 23, 2015

TWO MAVERICKS by Jerry Beller Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis are two kindred spirits, two mavericks working against the tide. Perhaps no two people in the world today are fighting for the poor, disadvantaged, downcast, and those left out of the human dream of security and prosperity. BERNIE SANDERS & POPE FRANCIS – Two Mavericks […]


Government Shutdown Proves Our Political System is Broken

By jerrybeller / October 5, 2013

We live in a day when the least informed and most corrupt members of Congress hold the most power. The least educated members deny facts and pursue an agenda based solely on emotions derived from misconceived, paranoid or delusional notions. The corrupt are bankrolled by Wall Street and Special Interests, making it almost impossible to […]

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