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By jerrybeller / January 31, 2016

The crisis in Syria is what happens when religious fanaticism, climate change, and overpopulation go unaddressed. The situation in Syria highlights all three issues, plus those who deny science in the name or religion. REGIONAL DISASTER WITH GLOBAL IMPLICATIONS As this Euronews report demonstrates, this is a regional conflict with global implications. REGIONAL & GLOBAL LEADERS […]


Do It For MLK

By jerrybeller / January 18, 2016

As I look back on the life of MLK, I ask why don’t we do it for MLK? Martin Luther King Jr. was one of a handful of black, white and brown people who fought for everybody to focus on character. I would love to see his (their) dream come true in my lifetime. Come […]



By jerrybeller / November 19, 2015

UPDATED: September 3, 2017 Tony Gerber is a musician, songwriter, graphic artist, humanitarian, computer geek, husband, father, and one of my most valued friends. I lived in Nashville for a year or two between Washington DC and Jamaica. While in Nashville, I met an amazing group of songwriters, artists, authors, musicians, singers, filmmakers and some of […]


OVERPOPULATION – Are we doomed?

By jerrybeller / November 10, 2015

Most everybody recognizes overpopulation as a major issue of our time. Is population growth out of control? Jerry Beller places it in historical context and confronts the realities. In the included BBC documentary, Hans Rosling challenges many conclusions people have formed about overpopulation. OVERPOPULATION – ARE WE DOOMED? At the beginning of the farming age, […]



By jerrybeller / November 5, 2015

For most of us, the worst case of inequality would be one percent of the world population owning 99 percent of the world’s wealth. It’s also a major focus of my upcoming book. INEQUALITY TREND New studies suggest we’re heading towards the worst-case scenario. One percent of the world’s population will soon own 99 percent of […]



By jerrybeller / November 4, 2015

There’s much to learn in the Noam Chomsky interview. He explains to Abby Martin the shift to the right in both political parties. He suggests it no longer matters what the public thinks, as major corporations and the richest Americans control our government. NOAM CHOMSKY INTERVIEW Noam Chomsky tells Abby Martin how the corporations have taken total […]


INFINITY – Does the Universe go on Forever?

By jerrybeller / October 29, 2015

How can there be or not be an end to the universe? How can we possibly wrap our minds around the concept of infinity? The idea that we’re living in an impossible world has tortured my mind since I was a child. INFINITY Infinity has tortured every thinking person ever to live. Can this video […]


Trevor Noah Reviews Democratic Debate

By jerrybeller / October 21, 2015

Both informative and hilarious, the Daily show’s Trevor Noah reviews the first democratic Democratic Debate. As a fan of both Noah and the Daily Show, I’ve come to expect this type of commentary. Why do comedians do a better job of reporting than the mainstream media? Trevor Noah Reviews Democratic Debate I thought John Stewart […]


Larry David for President – Larry does Bernie

By jerrybeller / October 18, 2015

Larry David for President? I would love it! Larry David impersonates Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Who didn’t love Curb Your Enthusiasm? Larry constantly said things most people only think. Remind you of somebody else? Yes, Bernie is doing in this campaign what Larry David did so brilliantly on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David […]


Bernie Sanders Interview – Bill Maher

By jerrybeller / October 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders Interview, October 16, 2015. Bill Maher & Bernie discuss a wide range of issues. Love him or hate him, Bernie Sanders has awakened hope in millions of Americans. Bernie is America’s oldest Rock Star:  Following the Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders was the most clicked name on Google. It drives some people crazy, but Bernie […]

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