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Chappelle – Letterman – Dave & Dave

In this video, re-titled CHAPPELLE – LETTERMAN – DAVE & DAVE, Chappelle looks back on his decision to walk away from $50 Million and his mega hit show.

Chappelle – Letterman – Dave & Dave

In the summer of 2014, Letterman interviewed Dave Chappelle. The conversation focused on what prompted Dave to make such an unfathomable decision.

Chappelle explains

  • It’s complicated.
  • $10 Million compared to $50 Million is relative.
  • There were some benefits to walking away.

Does he have any regrets about leaving the Chappelle Show?

Chappelle is candid and admits he has about $40 million worth of regrets. While he admits missing what could have been, he seems to appreciate the part of life he experienced as a result of stepping out of the spotlight.

The Chappelle Show

Looking back on the Chappelle Show, I remember a couple of generations laugh their asses off watching the show. The black white-supremacist in Mississippi was hysterical. The sketch about Prince kicking their ass in basketball (Charlie Murphy’s narration was hilarious) makes me laugh just thinking about. Our family watched all the episodes, and then watched them again with the players when we were on the road with the Jamerica Basketball Academy for several years.

Everybody has a favorite Chappelle Show episode

Practically all of us have a favorite sketch from the Dave Chappelle Show. If you don’t have one, you’re probably out of touch, or worse. The show was funny, intelligent, much-needed humor.

Nobody should blame Chappelle for leaving

While it is interesting to hear him explain his decision, he doesn’t owe us an explanation. Fans of the show were understandably shocked when he left. When the show ended, we lost one of our great escapes from our stressful days.

The funny thing is…

Even after all these years, and all the times we’ve watched each episode, the Dave Chappelle Show still makes me laugh when we pull collection out every once in a while.

Chappelle – Letterman – Dave & Dave by Jerry Beller



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