Coming of Age (YA Geek Series) by Jerry beller

Generation Y steps forward in this story captivating the America of our day in a story that overlaps the Trayvon Martin shooting and the George Zimmerman acquittal. Two unusual teenage geeks, Martin Washington and Robert Adams, strike up a marvelous friendship. Eleanor Adams is a young artist that wants to change the world for the better. Abigail Shortcake is a young lady that views George Zimmerman as a hero. She calls her semi-automatic weapon “Baby”. There is lots of suspense as various sides prepare to square off in the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal.

Coming of Age will have a soft release on 11/01/2014, and an official release on 12/1/2014. I hope to wake up the rising generation with this book, which tackles the bigotry that exists in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting and later the George Zimmerman acquittal. It follows the lives of two geeks who become best friends and are intent on winning a Nobel Peace Prize together. Martin Washington is not the typical black kid and Robert Adams is not the typical geek. They decide to answer the question once-and-for-all concerning the origin of the universe. Robert’s sister, Eleanor, is the opposite of geek. She is beautiful and loves everything to do with art, including paintings, books and music. While she comes from a conservative family, she is a progressive mind that attempts to make a difference in the world. The trio are threatened by the hate and bigotry that is sweeping America.

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