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I will post several blogs related to my Common Ground book series. Conservatives, liberals, moderates, democrats, republicans, independents, all races, all income groups, and types of Americans are invited to participate.


Jerry Beller - Pro versus Anti

I view the election as another opportunity to bring people together around common ground issues. We’ve been divided roughly since the Revolutionary War ended. The uniters have kept the nation together because, despite our differences, we Americans have much in common.

But our country remains divided. 

The dividers do just the opposite, always focusing on the divisions, real or imagined, to fuel the fires of hatred. The dividers have only thus far led us to one civil war, but what a bloody mess it was. Even worse, the divide did not stop or end when whoever fired the last shot of the Civil War.

It’s time to deal with it. 

Wise and decent people of all types have sat by too long while the dividers dumb down the nation. Informed people of all kinds need to unite. Forget parties, groups, organizations, races, religion and everything else. In this discussion, we’re Americans. It’s high time we start acting like it!

How do I know there are common ground issues?

I know there are common ground issues because I’ve spent decades listening to, discussing, and debating the issues with liberals, conservatives, moderates, partisans, and independents.  A conservative and liberal can discuss the issues and find common ground if there is a mutual desire.

Some people will never get it.

I’ve also observed that argumentative people do not require the other side to get in an argument. Most every conversation they enter ends in an argument. Not even Grandma can get along with these types.

I write my blogs and books for those more interested in progress than scoring cheap political points. If you believe your side is always right and the other side always wrong, you’re the problem. My books and blogs are not for you. I am not interested in preaching to your choir or any other choir. I want to reach all choirs, to be inclusive, not exclusive.

The rallying call. 

My purpose is not to rally liberals or conservatives, but instead to unite Americans. My goal is to bring us together through common ground. I hope to provide the foundation for our nation to overcome our partisan, racial and cultural differences.

If we can focus on the many issues that most Americans agree, perhaps we can gain enough respect for each other to discuss and narrow the gap between those matters that divide us. It’s worth a try. The partisan way isn’t working.

Mine will not be another series of blogs and books that wastes much time pointing a lot of fingers. I will not only point out the problems but also provide well-researched, bipartisan, fiscally responsible, socially progressive solutions that most Americans can support. The Common Ground series of books and articles focus on those issues and solutions that bring us together.


The quickest and best way to anger everybody is to try to satisfy everybody. Nobody can persuade partisans who only repeat soundbites and cheap political innuendo. They aren’t listening or interested in learning. They’ve chosen a side. They believe their side is right on every issue, and everybody else idiots or worse.


White supremacists. Black supremacist. Brown supremacist. Get over yourselves. All races suck as a whole. Read your history! All races have a similar number of every type of character.


White power! Black power! Brown power! Screw that nonsense. I respect every race but claim none as better or worse than any other. You’ll earn my respect or scorn through your character and actions. I believe in honesty, hard work, innovation, ability, compassion, accountability, punctuality, integrity, and HUMANITY. My race is the Human Race.


Everybody who is does things the right way and is not narrow-minded. I will target those who believe in the following:

  • Hard work is usually the key to any success story. While hard work is not always properly rewarded, laziness has almost zero chance of leading to success.
  • Innovation. We need to inspire more innovation in this country. Too many potential innovators are wasting this potential. We need them!
  • Honesty is a too-rare quality that we desperately need more. There is a fundamental dishonesty at work in our society. Everybody is supposed to be a Donald Trump-worthy bragger. In this image-conscious society, too many people are absolute phonies. No wonder so many people are confused!
  • Integrity. Integrity is difficult to explain, but we know it in a person when we see it. Individuals who carry themselves with a sense of integrity have a deep-rooted morality. They do what is right because they think it’s right. We need more integrity in our government and culture.
  • Equality. We will never achieve full equality. Some people will work harder or be more gifted. Rewards should be set in place to encourage everybody to be their best. Still, we should all have equal opportunity and access. Equality is not about a free ride, but an equal opportunity.
  • Compassion. Any true spirituality guides us to care more for our fellow human than ourselves. Most of the religious organizations that Americans belong are supposed to be dedicated first and foremost to the poor. We need to put those who cannot find work to work. We also need to take care better of our veterans who come home maimed and our citizens in general who cannot take care of themselves. There are abuses to the welfare system by corporations and some at the bottom, and we should put an end to it. We should also do a better job of looking out for veterans, the elderly, and our citizens who are truly helpless.
  • Patriotism. No, I don’t mean those who dishonor our flag by flying it from a car and desecrating it. Nor, do I mean those who think they are more American than everybody else. There is no more or less. You are either American or not. I refer to the patriotism exhibited at different periods in our nation when the citizens joined forces for the common good of the country. The generation of World War II is known as the great age because they are one such example. They are also the last one that has come along thus far. We’re still waiting on the next one. Isn’t it time?

The issues and solutions that I offer focus on:

  • A genuine desire to help improve the nation and world.
  • A commitment to my children and future generations.
  • A desire to end a cycle of division that has played out in every generation since George Washington traded in his general’s uniform to become president.
  • Decades of education, research, discussions, and commitment to the sometimes-awful field of politics.
  • A sincere desire to hold on to that part of the past that’s worth holding on to, and getting rid the many bad traditions that still exist.

I look forward to the ongoing discussions with people from across the country. Please leave all partisanship at the door and let’s discuss the important issues on merit.


Jerry Beller is an author, activist and humanitarian.

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