I love the real Jesus, but the average “jesus freak” is heavy on the freak and light on Jesus. According to the documented evidence, nobody ever lived who cared more for the poor, the downtrodden, the victims, and even criminals.


Isn’t it time true Christians and rational souls of any religious status who loves the real Jesus, to take a stand against all the morons hiding behind and misrepresenting Jesus’s name?

The real Jesus is the one on the side of the slaves and victims, while the idiot’s jesus has always been and is on the side of slave owners and the oppressors.

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The real Jesus gave his life fighting bad tradition, while the idiot’s jesus embraces it with all his might.

The real Jesus traveled with the very people the idiot’s jesus scorns, ridicules and blames for all that ills society.

The real Jesus turned the other cheek, while the fake jesus seeks revenge for every perceived slight.

The real Jesus fought for the people locked out of the country club, not those stuffy bastards inside.

The real Jesus understands we should do more for the poor, while the idiot’s jesus insists we do too much.

The real Jesus warned over and over: “Beware of the Church.” The fake jesus says build mega churches and give preachers private jets and millions of dollars to fly around the country like Playboy oil sheiks.

The real Jesus had brown skin but was colorblind. The idiot’s jesus is either white or black and sees nothing but color.

The real Jesus said: “DO NOT JUDGE!” The fake jesus has already sentenced those of us to hell who see through their bullshit.

The real Jesus never said anything about hell, but that’s all the idiot’s jesus is obsessed with the eternal flame.


Religions, governments, and corporations are leading us towards the destruction of the planet. If you’re too immature, brainwashed or blind to admit I have a point, unfriend me. I’m too old and have taken too much crap from self-righteous hypocrites that hide behind religion to back down now. If you expect to continue hiding your ignorance, hatred and stupidity behind some fake jesus that shits all over the real Jesus, I’ll ridicule you if I see or hear it. The real Jesus deserves better than the morons of any denomination, race, nation or culture using his name to lend credibility to the very principles the man is well-documented as opposing.

And that’s the real danger of religion. Anybody can invent a new one yanked right out of somebody’s ass, and that’s the real creationism of most or all religion. And, even if one gains inspiration through God or whatever you call your God, religions are ALWAYS corrupted by those who use it to manipulate people into behaving the way they want. Religion is the greatest vehicle for brainwashing the world has ever seen.

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“WTF, Not mine!”

I know, you’re saying: WHAT THE HELL, JERRY, MY RELIGION ISN’T THAT WAY. For the sake of this discussion, let’s presume you’re right (and I sincerely hope you are), but don’t you agree with me when it comes to most the other religions of the world? Look at all the trouble other religions are causing, tax-free and without any shit detector. Now, are you seeing the self-righteous, hypocritical, full-of-shit, wind-bag bastards that I’m seeing?


There are decent people and exceptions within all three, but GOVERNMENT, CORPORATIONS & RELIGIONS are the true axis of evil that’s screwing up the world. Again exclude your religion for a moment, and think of all the others. Do I have a point? We can’t change individuals as long as these three all-powerful institutions are filling their heads with absolute bullshit.

I’m willing to admit I’m wrong on any single point concerning spirituality or anything else. I’m also willing to call out the hypocrites and take a stand for the real Jesus. Are you?


If you call yourself a Christian and you know I’m right that whackos and dimwits hijacked the real Jesus, it’s your duty to get off your ass and do something about it. You either believe or you don’t, but if you only worship the materialist mean jesus, you’re not a real Christian. If you agree with me, but do nothing, you’re even worse than the morons who hijacked Jesus. You know better, and you sit on your thumbs and do nothing while the fuckers destroy the world. Fuck you!


If my curse words insulted your morality more than the idea of opportunists and morons hijacking Jesus and religion, I feel sorry for your misguided self. I don’t personally like the “F” word, and my father taught me never to use such words around females, but I couldn’t imagine a better way to test people. The word FUCK should produce nothing more than a frown, while what I’m complaining about should make your blood boil. If this is not a fight worth fighting for, what is?

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