Most people want ten zillion Facebook friends, but I just want a few real friends. I’ve auditioned over 2,000 Facebook friends the past couple of years but decided it was mostly nonsense. Deciding less is more, I’ve been trying to scale down to 100 real friends.


Facebook Friends - Less is more - Jerry Beller blog

Of all the friends I’ve ever had on Facebook, I’ve only friend requested a dozen or so. The rest all friend requested me. Unfortunately, I never heard from most after accepting the friendship. It’s all a numbers game for some people.


  • White and black bigots. I’m tired of all the hate and can’t stand reading their dribble anymore.
  • People I didn’t know who they were.
  • Individuals who insist President Obama isn’t an American citizen. If you believe something this stupid, I don’t want to be your friend.
  • People who misrepresent religion to promote division and hate.
  • People who never post anything more important than where they are shopping, eating or taking a shit.
  • Individuals who friended me, but then restricted me so I couldn’t see their posts. WTF? Why did you friend me in the first place?
  • People who friended me, but then acted like I was invading when I responded to their posts. Again, WTF people?
  • Authors who post nothing but “buy my book” over and over.
  • People who blame others for their miserable lives. Whatever flaws I have, I own them, at least in the sense that I don’t blame others for my failures and shortcomings. I’m tired of the blame game in this country most every group of people I can think of plays out of habit.


Once I cut closer to 100, it became much more challenging because it was necessary to “unfriend” people I know and like. After cutting all the dipshits, the needed cuts became relatives, friends, and acquaintances. These are people that I like a great deal but haven’t been acceptable Facebook friends.

It hurt to make the final cuts. To not do it would have made me a hypocrite. The whole point was to get down to my real FB friends. I laid out my terms clearly and repeatedly for the past year.  Now, I’m down to the final cuts.

Consequently, I’m about to cut some of my favorite people from my list of Facebook friends. The reason is that as much as I might care about them, we’re not magnificent Facebook friends. They either don’t do Facebook or exclude me from their activity.

Either way, I have to cut them just like I would a player who failed the tryout miserably. How much you like somebody off the court shouldn’t matter in such decisions. When you set a bar, people have to live up to it. I held a long and extensive FB Friend tryout. I warned for the past year that most were failing the audition. Nothing changed, so they either got cut or will today.

Honestly, I had reached a point where I hated Facebook. When I opened my friend list, I didn’t know half of them and half the ones I did make me frown from a Facebook standpoint. I cut down to 450 friends a couple of months back. It improved things, but my FB feed remained full of division, hate, stupidity and narcissistic nonsense.

Social Media - Less is More - Jerry Beller Blog


I could not be more pleased with the results. My friend list looks more like a list of friends. My remaining Facebook friends fill my feed with substance. There’s a fairly even number of liberals, conservatives, and independents, but they’re the types who know how to make a point without resorting to personal attacks and even listen to others on occasion. I’m starting to enjoy Facebook again, and I otherwise would have dumped it because it was bumming me out with all the narcissistic, phony and meaningless nonsense.


  • Enlighten, educate, inspire or entertain with your posts.
  • Be brave enough to stand up for your beliefs, and to support those who are fighting your battles.
  • Disagree forcefully, but respectfully.
  • Be genuine.
  • Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Be open-minded.


The saddest development in the effort is now that I’m to the final cuts, it’s evident that not even 100 people passed the tryout. It looks like the number is going to be more like 75, which is only frustrating because that’s out of a couple of thousand or more. The truth is I’m probably more fortunate than most. If most people used the same criteria to cut their FB friends, I suspect they’d end up with far less than 75 friends.

Plus, I’m looking at the positive side. I have room now to add the 25 right more Facebook friends—if the right ones come along, or some of the ones cut convince me they deserve another chance, I still should end up with around 100 Facebook friends, give or take a few dozen.

WHAT’S SO unique ABOUT the number 100?

I can’t personally be much of a friend to more than 100 people. For me, that’s a very high number. I believe in the Golden Rule. I can’t hold my friends, on or off Facebook, to a standard I’m unwilling to keep myself.


I’ll let others brag about thousands of friends they never interact with, while I connect with unique people who engage. I’m looking to mix a few old friendships with lots of newer friendships gained along the way with musicians, artists, writers, thinkers, innovators, scientists, scholars, liberals, conservatives, independents, and every interesting and decent person that I already have a healthy, positive Facebook relationship. My Facebook friends come from all over the U.S., but also all over the world. My friends cover every shade of human pigment and reach dozens of cultures.


I want friends capable of discussing the severe issues, be it religion, politics or anything else. I want friends who are interested in the truth and want to talk and perhaps answer the bigger questions in life. I want friends with a keen intellect and sound morals. We’re all at different points in our spiritual and human development, so I want friends that understand and respect that we all started this journey at different places, and none of us have fully evolved.

I want friends who want to discuss all those issues the two-legged sheep and the two-legged sheep herders run from like the plague. I want friends who love art, music, books, some form of exercise, quality whole food, and those nonmaterialistic things that add sparkle to life. I want friends who challenge me when you disagree, educate me when you have the knowledge I don’t, respect me no more or less than what I earn, and to always be honest, even when dishonesty would be the easier path.

I promise the 100 Facebook friends that I end up with to remain engaged and that I won’t bore you. I’ll do my best to make you think, and if I can, I’ll even add to the pool of knowledge within the circle of my 100 friends. I’m an honest, serious guy who shoots straight and expects my friends to do likewise. I’m passionate about who and what I like and believe in, and I’m compassionate about the issues and people I befriend. I look forward to this great opportunity to perhaps form 100 genuine friendships on Facebook.

My modest initial goal is to have at least one meaningful exchange with each of my Facebook friends every week.

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