Hate, Generalizations & Divisions

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I love certain kinds of people who happen to be brown, black, white, rural, urban, American, foreign, conservative, liberal, religious, atheist, etc.

None of the above identifications tell us much, in and of itself, about character. I love honest, hard working, decent, compassionate, innovated, intelligent, rational people who come from every group I’ve listed, characterizations that nobody can claim because of identification to any particular group.

I grew up in a college town, enjoyed frequent visits to rural relatives growing up, and have lived most my adult life in an urban setting. My family is black, white, Cherokee, American and Jamaican, so all the general statements about “white people,” and “black people,” and “urban people,” and “rural people” and “religious people,” and “atheist people” and “Americans,” and “Foreigners” offends the shit out of me.

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