Why I love genuine humanitarians

Almost always in obscurity, humanitarians work for the poor. Sometimes dangerous, dirty, foul, disgusting work, humanitarianism is not about preaching, but about doing. Humanitarianism is about crawling into the trenches, going into the rough neighborhoods or war zones, and placing others above self.

Humanitarians don’t divide the world with talk, but instead, roll up their sleeves to make the world a little better place. The best philanthropists make the world a better place through their actions and human footprint.

The Video

This video was part of the United Nation’s tribute to the labor of humanitarians across the world. The background music includes several great musicians, including Ziggy Marley, Sweet Rush, and Salman Ahmad. How can you go wrong with Ziggy or Stephen Marley attached to such a project? Add Salman Ahmad and Sweet Rush to the mix and you have a great international front for the various other musicians who participated in the project.

I’ve always found the images and music in this video inspirational. One can only hope the news one day gives the same attention to acts of compassion as they do to violence, sensationalism, and absolute nonsense.

United Nations

The right and the left often attacks the United Nations and, let’s face it; sometimes they even deserve it. This tribute, however, is one of the times the UN hits it out of the park. Kudos!

Toast to those who make a difference

I salute anybody who devotes their lives to helping the poor. The world would be a better place with more people like you. Long live, and with great success, the humanitarians of the world.


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