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For most of us, the worst case of inequality would be one percent of the world population owning 99 percent of the world’s wealth. It’s also a major focus of my upcoming book.


New studies suggest we’re heading towards the worst-case scenario. One percent of the world’s population will soon own 99 percent of the wealth.


How is that sustainable?

As Pope Francis has been pointing out, it is as unsustainable as it is unfair. It causes global poverty, which leads to frightening population growth and instability. Nobody wins in a world where one percent of the population ends up with over ninety percent of the wealth. It’s not just unfair, but also impractical. It’s leading our children and grandchildren’s world towards disaster.

This is not a class war…

The top one percent deserves a fair return on their investment, but they don’t warrant anywhere near 99 percent of the total wealth. Even some of elite members (including Warren Buffet) admit this is outrageous and unsustainable.

They’re getting away with murder…

Nor should the top one percent own our government, write government policies, buy our elected officials, manipulate the elections, gain unfair tax breaks, and otherwise milk the system dry with corporate welfare.

Nor is it fair that too many corporations refuse to pay employees a fair day’s wage for an honest day’s work. The taxpayers should not have to subsidize people who work full time with food stamps and other programs because employers refuse to pay full-time employees a wage they can survive. Remember, this is happening with record profits. It’s not trickling down and hasn’t for some time if it ever did.

I’m not painting this as class war. I want to protect the wealthy, middle class, and poor. If 300 people end up with the majority of the wealth in the world, we’re all in trouble, including them. You can load up these rich people on one airplane who collectively own more wealth than the populations of India,  China, Brazil, and the United States combined. If that doesn’t concern you, what would?

Must we accept it?

In the modern communication age where we are connected more than ever before, it’s time we get off our asses and do something about it. We have the ability, if not the will, to change the world for the better. The most dimwitted people among us have the potential to reach people around the world in a way that our most brilliant ancestors could have used for the benefit of the world.


People are expressing their outrage throughout the world with inequality that is destroying the middle class and stomping on the working class and poor. The unfairness and impracticality of inequality are the one issue that most the world’s population stands together in agreement. It’s outrageous that one percent of the population wants ninety percent or more of the wealth.

Are we not slaves when we allow this type of oligarchy to operate nearly unchallenged? It’s gone on too long, and we must challenge and fight it for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.


Too many confuse ranting and raving in social media with activism. The self-righteous butt-glued-to-their-chair Crusaders make me laugh and scream.

Social media is a powerful vehicle in any movement today, but not anger circle-jerking rarely accomplishes change. We’ve got to be a little more organized and rational. It’s important to follow through with real action.

If angry posts accomplish nothing more than narcissistic likes, we’ve accomplished nothing. Therefore, it’s important to channel that anger towards more real action.


  • Financial & Banking Reform on Wall Street and throughout the world.
  • Formation of Labor Unions that represent Labor in a way that enhances business production.
  • We’ve got to organize on the internet, but also follow up with letters, phone calls, and otherwise keep the pressure on the politicians that allow their cronies to rob us blind.
  • We’ve got to educate the public about the real dangers of inequality.
  • We’ve got to boycott the businesses that abuse us the worse.
  • Just as many have called for a clear separation of the church and the state, it is time to stop allowing the rich to write our laws through their hired-gun lobbyists.
  • We’ve got to form more small businesses and take matters into our hands.

The United States and most major countries in history were strongest when their small businesses thrived. Small businesses need to become once again the backbone, not an after-thought to renegade too-big-to-fail corporations that trample over us.

Today, businesses are sprouting up in basements and garages by tech savvy individuals across the globe. Not only is a great way to close the inequality gap, but these small businesses are much more likely to search for solutions to affordable medical care, climate change, alternative green energy, and the biggest problems we face.

It starts happening when more of us put the smart into smartphones, uses our computers and the internet the right way. Those who use modern technology in productive, positive ways are changing the world. They’re also the ones who keep the American Dream and such dreams everywhere alive. These innovators who often start with nothing but an idea provides the blueprint in this new age to be innovative, keep your independence, and place your future in your hands.

Once we achieve success and start hiring a workforce, it’s important that we better share the wealth than corporations have done. In the movement to overcome inequality, we must rise together, business owners and employees.

As pointed out, some are going to earn more money. Some take the risks, come up with the idea, invest the money, achieve greater skills, and otherwise distinguish themselves. These types should always earn more than everybody else, but not nearly to the extent that CEO’s, Bankers, Entertainers, Doctors, Attorneys, and the chosen professions have come to gauge us in recent decades.



*This is the first in a series of articles and videos on inequality. Inequality is a major subject in my upcoming nonfiction book series.



Global wealth inequality 2015

Published on Nov 5, 2015
2015 Global Wealth Inequality – What you never knew you never knew
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