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The eight-book Jamaica Series is a fast-paced, action-packed fictional collection of political thrillers. All eight books take place in 1988 and 1989 in the aftermath of Hurricane Gilbert.

Jamaica Series by Jerry Beller

JAMAICA SERIES – JERRY BELLEREscaping the rat race - Jamaica Series


The first male in his bloodline to graduate from college, Joe Rivers rose to become one of the most powerful staffers in Capitol Hill. He’s considered a shoo-in to win the U.S. Congressional race in his district, but the partisan gridlock disillusions him. In his late twenties, he’s accomplished more already than anybody ever expected. Almost every staffer on the Hill would love to be in his position. Not Joe! He resigns to move to Jamaica to write a book and figure out life. Hurricane Gilbert strikes the island the day of his departure and all flights are grounded. Stuck at Baltimore-Washington International with a group of Jamaicans, Joe is determined to get this one commercial flight through. Will he succeed? If he does, will he regret it?

Thriller in Jamaica - Jamaica Series


The worse hurricane of the century slams into the island, knocking out the entire infrastructure. Constable Brown reports for duty to a deserted station. When only his young protege shows up, Constable Brown and young Constable Johnson confront a heavily-armed and well-connected gang intent on taking over the Capital city. . .In Escaping from the Rat Race, Joe and Caressa flew to Jamaica on the only commercial flight allowed through once the hurricane struck. Now Joe and Caressa find themselves crossing gang infested streets on foot. Can they possible survive with danger lurking at every turn?

Constable Brown - Jamaica Series


The hero of Thriller in Jamaica, Constable Brown lands in greater danger than ever in book three, which bears his name. A powerful gang threatens from the streets, but the real threat is with sinister forces that occupy the highest positions in the government. Underdogs in the fight against evil, Constable Brown and his allies risk their careers, reputations and lives, not just a fight for justice, but also a fight to the death. It’s a Jamaican standoff. . .Book three also follows the rise of First Lady Sawnee Lewis, Jamaica’s most dynamic public figure and politician in the island’s history. With politicians falling all around her, she only grows more popular and powerful with each twist and turn.

First Lady - Jamaica Series

 FIRST LADY, book 4

Sawnee Lewis is not the typical first lady, woman or anything else. In book four, Jamaica’s most powerful figures engage in a ruthless and cutthroat pursuit of power. Some corrupt politicians wind up in jail, while many honest authorities end up politically destroyed or, worse, dead. First Lady Sawnee Lewis has a shady past, and she’s certainly involved in the power struggle, but she’s also the clear people’s champion. She speaks their language and fights their fight. She’s willing to take on the powers that be in Jamaica. Will her past catch up with her? Will her populist agenda get her killed? Her political enemies intend to stop her at all costs!

Beyond the Rat Race - Jamaica Series


Joe and Angelina are both in their late twenties. He’s a White American with a PHD who just resigned from a powerful position in congress. She’s Black Jamaican who graduated at the top of her law class at Vanderbilt. Joe isn’t just visiting Jamaica; he wants to live there permanently. Angelina is not home to Jamaica to stay, but intends to return to the states to practice law. Then, their paths crossed and life gets complicated. They spend most every waking hour together exploring the Caribbean Sea and the Blue Mountains. They go skinny dipping in the beautiful Frenchman’s Cove. They fall for each other. Life gets even more complicated. Are they just two ships passing in the night? Can they find a way to make it work?

The Decision - Jamaica Series


The prime minister murdered by the deputy prime minister, the men who ruled Jamaica turned to the one person capable of holding Jamaica together, the First Lady. She accepted the interim position as an independent, something that ruffled the feathers of both parties. Now, they both want her to run, but only if she runs under their party. Her staff wants her to run. The people want her to run. If she runs, she and those around her live. If she runs as an independent, which is the only way she would, she risks not just her life, but also those she loves most. The more she fights the cronyism that Jamaican politics is built on, the more dangerous things become. Will she run? Will she be assassinated? How can she survive against such odds?

Madam Prime Minister - Jamaica Series


Interim Prime Minister Sawnee Lewis takes on the establishment to fight for a populist agenda. Running for a full term, she finds both political parties united against her. The business community spends millions of dollars campaigning against her. The people love her, but the entire establishment is united against her. The two parties conspire to make certain she cannot win with anything short of fifty-one percent of the vote. If that is not enough, a drug cartel and her political enemies are determined to assassinate her. Brave and determined, she fights on. Words and bullets fly. She and her opponents fight for the heart and soul of Jamaica’s future. She wants change. Her enemies cling to the status quo. If they can’t defeat her, they are determine to murder her.

The Reporter - Jamaica Series


A missionary ship docks in Port Antonio. A blonde American girl from the ship goes missing. The girl’s father turns to Joe Rivers to find his “kidnapped daughter.” Although the right wing senator once referred to Joe as the “most dangerous son-of-a-bitch in America,” Joe agrees to search for the girl. On the search, he meets a young and talent Jamaican journalist, Kaya, who on the same search. They join forces. What they find is not what they expected. They are swept into an international incident when the missing girl’s father enters Jamaica illegally with private militia. Kaya finds herself in pursuit of a story of a lifetime, but she fears the United States will invade Jamaica. Joe intervenes as a diplomat, determined to head off any official invasion. If that’s not enough, Joe and Kaya fall hard for each other.

Jamaica Series by Jerry Beller


Jamaica Series – Jerry Beller Books

Jamaica Series – Jerry Beller Books

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