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Larry David for President – Larry does Bernie

Larry David for President? I would love it! Larry David impersonates Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Who didn’t love Curb Your Enthusiasm? Larry constantly said things most people only think. Remind you of somebody else? Yes, Bernie is doing in this campaign what Larry David did so brilliantly on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Larry David for President – Larry David Impersonates Bernie Sanders

I am sick of politicians and people who talk out their asses and rarely say what they mean. Straight-shooters are few and far between. Bullshitters and deceitful cowards rule politics and our culture. Kudos to Larry David and Bernie Sanders their persistent candor.

Difference between Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton

A widely-perceived difference between Bernie and Hillary is that he shoots straight and that she will say whatever is political to her advantage. Case in point when Hillary insisted at the first debate that she is a “progressive.” The problem is that she’s spent years, through her words and actions, convincing the public otherwise.

Is Hillary Clinton pandering?

Would Hillary have answered the question the same way if not for Bernie’s presence in the race? Probably not. I wouldn’t discount or underestimate Hillary Clinton, but if there’s a panderer between her and Bernie, it’s not Bernie.

Bernie supporters should be careful. . .

I advise fans of Bernie Sanders to follow his lead. He doesn’t attack his opponents, but instead sticks to the issues he holds dear. When the primary is over, Bernie or Hillary must unite the party. Although the primary is thus far friendly, expect it to become heated if Hillary finds herself down or in trouble after Iowa and New Hampshire.

Win or lose; Bernie is changing the political landscape. . .

Bernie is inspiring a grassroots movement that this country has not seen in decades. The fact that Hillary is suddenly insisting that she is a progressive is a testament to Bernie’s impact.

Larry David for President – Larry David Impersonates Bernie Sanders by Jerry Beller


Published on Oct 18, 2015

Comedian Larry David did his best Bernie Sanders impression as “Saturday Night Live” tackled the recent Democratic debate.

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