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Adonis Beller & Lawrence Beller - Jerry Beller blog

Lawrence Beller 

A simple and humble man who lived life right.


Lawrence Beller & the Bellers of Washington, OK - Jerry Beller blog

Lawrence Beller loved his entire family with all his heart. Nobody, however, did he love more than his baby brother, Robert. The two of them worked together throughout their adult lives. They carried a special bond to the end, dying within a few months of each other. 


Adonis Beller & Lawrence Beller - Jerry Beller blog

Adonis Beller & Lawrence Beller

Lawrence Beller was a wonderful grandfather. He joked and laughed constantly with his grandchildren. He also drove cross country into his eighties to visit his grandchildren regularly. Not nearly as outgoing or famous, Lawrence possessed many of the qualities that made Will Rogers a great man. Not all men in Oklahoma are great or even good men, but there is a certain kind of man that is Oklahoma's version of Andy Griffith. The country, species and world could use more such men. 


The last three of the Beller boys still standing. They attended the 2008 BCS Bowl in Miami. While the Sooners lost to the Gators, rest assured the Beller boys had a great time.  What's more, they kept up with the younger generations. Count myself among those fortunate enought to share the experience. Great memories!


Bellers at BCS Championship - Jerry Beller blog - Lawrence Beller

A few Bellers at BCS Championship

Above is the full group of Bellers who attended the BCS Reunion. With three generations, we started early and ended late every day. Not even the grandchildren  exhibited more energy and enthusiasm than did Roy Beller, Lawrence Beller and Robert Beller (a.k.a. the "three old guys"). We had a great time and it ranks as one of my favorite sports-related trips. Having lost a cousin, uncle and father from this picture, the trip takes on added meaning. Lawrence inspired this trip. He first contacted my brothers and me about the trip. Then, we worked it out for Lawrence's three grandsons--Adonis, Reeves and Korey--to attend. Robert, Roy, Rocky, Ronnie, Donnie and Brad also ended up attending the game. 


Robert Beller, Roy Beller, Rocky Beller & Lawrence Beller

Robert Beller, Roy Beller, Rocky Beller, Lawrence Beller

I had no idea when I took this photo that by 2014 we would lose all but Roy. Most surprising was Rocky going down in the airplane crash. Nobody saw that one coming. Even with Robert and dad, it's still difficult to grasp that they're really gone. 

Lawrence Beller – I miss him a little more every day. Put this page together one day a few months after Dad passed. Will probably add other little tributes. He was a good man, and I don’t say that because he’s dead, he really was one of those rare good men.




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