Stowaway: Mystery & Suspense

STOWAWAY by Jerry Beller

Historical Fiction - Mystery - Suspense

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STOWAWAY: Mystery & Suspense


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​Stowaway is book two of the Golden Age that follows the Dutch dominance of shipping, commerce, banking, and every aspect of finance during the 17th century. The great adventure, Stowaway, is a historical fiction, mystery account of the Half Moon voyage to the New World. Captain Hudson, First Mate Richard Juet, Second Mate John Hudson each come to life with the fictional characters that surround them. There is a murderer aboard. The tight quarters adds to the anxiety and tension of the crew as they sail into sub zero temperatures searching for the secret passage through the ice. All European powers wanted to dominate East Indian trade, which inspired the Dutch to hire the English captain. 

By all historical evidence, Captain Henry Hudson constantly faced threats of mutiny on all three recorded voyages, including the Half Moon. Indeed, he and his teen son eventually lost their lives due to mutiny. 

I have studied the Golden Era, Half Moon, Henry Hudson, Robert Juet, and most all the information available. There is unfortunately little known about these interesting and historic men before 1607 or 1608. There is also much debate between historians concerning even the physical traits of Henry Hudson. ​

Although this is a historical fiction account of  the Half Moon's voyage, I have paid as close attention as possible to the known facts of the voyage. The best historical fiction honors the spirit of what we know actually happened. I promise that I went to great lengths to live up to this worthy goal. Where I might fail, I apologize, and again promise it was not intentional. ​

The official release date for this historical fiction novel is October 1, 2014. If you have previously ordered this book, I recommend you download it again (Amazon will allow you to for free). The official version is much different. 

Stowaway - Half Moon

The Half Moon ship was fast, typically well-armed to fight off pirates, and carried a good amount of cargo for its size. While the English crew ridiculed the ship, it probably surpassed the English ship, the Hopewell, that Captain Hudson sailed on in 1607 and 1608. The Dutch quickly dominated the high seas with ships like this, becoming the greatest shipbuilders the world had ever known. 

Follow the red lines for the Half Moon's 1609 route.

If you follow the red line from Amsterdam, you'll see how Henry Hudson violated his clear orders by the Dutch East India Company to only sail to the North Cape. The truth is by the time Hudson sailed for the Dutch, he had lost faith in finding a Northeast Passage, and instead believed in a Northwest Passage. His friend, John Smith, suggested as much in a letter to Hudson in late 1608 or early 1609. He also faced mutiny from a crew that was not dressed for the sub zero temperatures. The crew also feared sea monsters and the icebergs. While it may or may not have been his intention all along, Hudson turned from the North Cape, and made a due line approximately to the point where the Virginia Colony existed. Disappointed there was no Northwest Passage, Hudson settled for discovering the river that would be named after him, and claimed the entire area for the Dutch. The area became known as New Amsterdam. 

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