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The crisis in Syria is what happens when religious fanaticism, climate change, and overpopulation go unaddressed. The situation in Syria highlights all three issues, plus those who deny science in the name or religion.


As this Euronews report demonstrates, this is a regional conflict with global implications.


I still don’t hear the international powers addressing the water crisis and other climatic issues that led to the Syrian and refugee crisis. You know the climate change crisis that allowed madmen (once again hiding behind one of the three world religions) to further victimize those trying to deal with water shortages, poverty, hunger, and rising temperatures where it already was brutally hot? I’m not impressed with the right or the left from what I’ve seen from our government, or most around the world.

One thing most governments, religions, and businesses have in common is they view every crisis from the narrowest point of view. Their self-interests almost always trump the truth and doing what is right. The Syrian crisis looks to be no different than most every other crisis we’ve watched with horror brew and play out around the globe like a nightmare soap opera.



Like the three religions, most on the left and right line up and take sides without hearing the facts. They disagree with each other before the other even starts talking.


The left and right, like the religions, always thinks they are 100 percent right and possess a monopoly on the truth and morality. I don’t agree with my right wing friends about many things, but here are a few:

  • The left wing has taken political correctness so far that they call “bigots” people who call out Muslims for their widespread mistreatment of women, gross human right violations, and for believing fundamentalist rhetoric such as “death to infidels.”
  • The left wing acts like there are no terrorists among the refugees. There are! Let’s be humane, but also do our best to assure we are bringing in people willing to obey the laws and respect the customs of their new country.
  • The left wing too often doesn’t understand the culture or country they so piously champion. Ask the average black American or minority in the USA. I’ve heard and read too many people saying the same thing about other countries. It’s a human and global problem with those on the left. They too often try to decide what is best for those they claim to champion. Even when well-intended, it usually produces nothing remotely positive.


Now let’s turn to the right wing. Among the most frequent complaints about the right wing that I agree:

  • The Right Wing places corporate profit above everything else, especially the poorest citizens of the world.
  • The Right Wing’s response to every global crisis is to bomb the shit out of somebody. I would add the puppeteers on the right usually have an elaborate follow-up plan to steal someone’s oil, diamonds or other national or regional resources.
  • The right wing works night and day to deny science, facts and any truth that might highlight the right wing’s heartless, dishonest bullshit. Bingo!


As usual, the right and left wing fail to address the bigger issues behind the Syrian crisis.

The world is in serious trouble if we do not tackle climate change, Religious fanaticism in all three religions, and the brewing overpopulation crisis in Africa and Asia. The leaders of the rest of the world need to stop pretending it won’t spill over everywhere else. Religious fanatics are a threat to people everywhere, including the very planet we all share. These are regional issues but hold extraordinary global consequences. I call on rational people all over the world to work with the moderates throughout the region to bring peace to the Middle East so that we can focus on the brewing storm of water shortages, rising heat, overpopulation, and all the problems those three issues will cause.

The Syrian problem is a regional disaster with global implications. The solution is not merely to bomb the shit out of the area but to help the victims and address the global issues behind the regional issues. If we want to prevent war and suffering  as we see in Syria, we must address the real culprits:

  • The three global religions that provide madmen a vehicle for war, slaughters, and other ungodly crimes against humanity.
  • Climate Change. Religion is again one of the culprits, as too many deny science in the name of religion. We’re way too far behind on addressing climate change to allow religion to stand one more second in the way of science.
  • Overpopulation is almost entirely, on the surface, an Asian and African issue. But, the problems connected to it are already spilling over into the rest of the world.
  • Water shortages. Related to climate change, overpopulation and reckless development are severe water shortages. The battle is already raging within every nation, and with all borders. China and others are buying up water rights in African and other places. It’s a huge and divisive problem that’s only going to get worse.
  • Inequality. We are truly headed towards one percent of the world’s richest people owning over 90 percent of the world’s property and wealth. You can fit the owners of 80 percent of the current world’s property and wealth on two airplanes. If that doesn’t concern you, I wonder what would.

*Thanks to Euronews for the video.

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