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Knight - End the Trump & Clinton rants

​Nobody has changed anybody's mind for months, so stop pretending your daily social media rants about Trump or Clinton are saving the Republic. Like most crusades, yours isn't holy. 

Knight - End the Trump & Clinton rants

Please end the Trump/Clinton posts. Nobody's saving the Republic through daily partisan dribble on Facebook, Twitter, or social media.

I suggest a quiet period spent brushing up on the other issues/elections on the ballot, go vote. Let the officials count the votes, support the next president, and start working together to make America great again. Otherwise, we need to split the country into however many countries necessary to purge the one America into a place everybody can be Americans. It's time we work together for the common good, and end the partisan nonsense. Forget who gets credit and support issues that help people and make the Republic great. 

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