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The latest cop-shooting-black-man incident took place in Milwaukee where a police officer killed an unnamed 23-year-old resident. The police allege the victim threatened the officer with a weapon he had stolen in a recent home robbery.[1] Whether the victim pointed the weapon or otherwise threatened the police with the gun is dubious at this point.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the officer “ordered that individual to drop his gun, the person did not drop his gun.,” The mayor added: “He had the gun with him and the officer fired several times.”

The young man died at the scene. CNN reported the law-enforcement officer was wearing a body camera, so the video should soon be released.[2]


Angry crowds gathered and burned a few cars and businesses.[3] [4]The police confronted an angry group of perhaps one hundred people.

What if the video shows victim indeed raised his gun and posed a threat? The problem in America is we have too many different types of lynch mobs. Having two children who are as proud to be black as they are white, my blood boils, and my heart aches for every black victim. But, we need solutions, not blind rage.


I dare say, however, when a mob forms and burns businesses in a neighborhood starving for business, before gathering facts, it’s a lynch mob. We need to give businesses more reasons to invest in poor communities, not drive them away. Shooting ourselves in the foot is never progress, and blind justice isn’t justice.

Lynch mobs happened too often in the wild west. People rushed to judgment and too often hanged innocent people in their haste for vengeance.

I don’t know what transpired before the Milwaukee police officer shot and killed the young man. I presume a video will soon be released should shine a light on what happened. If the young threatened the officer and forced the situation, he’s not a victim by any reasonable definition.


On the other hand, if the officer wasn’t even aware the victim had a gun until after shooting, we need a jury with the courage to convict a bad cop. Several factors are driving the outrage in the black community, so I won’t smugly narrow it down to one or two factors. However, black people and decent Americans of every color are upset about obviously guilty cops getting off by jurors that seem to be doing their jobs.


Another factor in all this is faulty reporting. From the media reports and social media posts, people believe only white cops are killing black people. The truth is very different, as poor citizens of every color are much more likely to be shot by black cops than white ones. We need full, balanced and fair reporting. Poor people, especially poor black people, are victimized not only by bad white cops but by bad cops of every color, especially bad black cops.


People on social media need to stop posting, liking and sharing hate and misinformation. If bullshit were herpes, eighty percent of individuals on social media would have herpes. People constantly like and share crap without fact checking. A few points not covered by social media or the regular news:

·       Law enforcement kills almost twice as many whites as they do blacks.

·       Black people are 15 percent of the population in the 75 biggest counties but account for 62 percent of armed robberies and 45 percent of the assaults.

·       The average number of police officers murdered between 2005 and 2015 stands at fifty,[5] low historically but no less shocking each time it happens.

·       Black cops fire their weapons far more often than white cops. The reason is likely because more black cops are assigned to work the ghetto. I argue that black and white cops who work in the ghetto fire their weapons far more than those who patrol nicer neighborhoods. There’s far more violence, and cops are far more on the edge in the roughest neighborhoods. It’s a recipe for disaster.

The above list is just a small example of how the facts get twisted when the media doesn’t do their jobs and those on social media distort reality. It’s important to point out that nobody has been more victimized by the media’s one-sided reporting over the decades as have black people. We need better and more complete reporting when it comes to the real issues. And we need citizens that don’t divide into races, cultures, and religions like rival gangs.


In central Georgia, Patrol Officer Tim Smith answered a call about a “suspicious person.”[6] Somebody shot Officer Smith when he got out of his car. The suspect fled and is still at-large at the time of this publication.

Smith was in his early thirties. I’ll update this once more information is available.

While waiting on the evidence in both cases, it’s clear that good cops have a dangerous job, and poor citizens of every color, especially black, are continuously victimized. I say it once again: We need to protect good citizens from bad cops, and good cops from bad citizens.

To the bigots of any shade, I ask which of you is the purebred of your race? Which one of you is 100 percent your race? Bigots of every shade are mutts running around pretending to be show dogs. Don’t listen to them.

I’ve been in an interracial marriage for nearly 30 years, so I know how racist both races were back then and how much they still are. Interracial families can’t help noticing how racist and hateful many in both races remain.

To those stir up hatred every day by fueling the race war, what are you going to do when you destroy every bridge others spent decades building?

I even noticed how utterly racist some people are with the Olympics, only liking accomplishments of white or black athletes. White, Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow racists are ignorant, stupid, idiotic, divisive, moronic, and holding back the country and our species.

People of every color have to stop seeing color when looking at other human beings. While not loaded with money, I’m a rich man because my family and friends are diverse. I choose decent people as friends, and distant myself from others, regardless of race or any other group identification.


Jerry Beller - End Bigotry

UPDATE/September 1, 2016:  As it turns out, these are two incidents that I must side with the police. The video in Milwaukee shows the suspect with his gun drawn, a gun he recently had stolen in a home robbery. 

The law enforcement officer shot in Georgia the same night turns out to be a cop murdered answering the call of duty. Residents called the police because two gangs were going to war. From the evidence reported, bad citizens killed a good cop.

The lesson = Wait on the facts. The people in Milwaukee and their supporters on social media got it wrong and undermined the fight against bad cops. They also drove much-needed businesses out of a depressed neighborhood. Why? 

The second lesson = Good citizens and cops must stand together against bad citizens and cops. 


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