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Take Back America: Abolish the Party System (Why I wrote it)

There’s some misunderstanding that my Take Back America: Abolish the Party System is an "anti-Hillary" or "anti-Trump" book. That's not true. I've been advocating and working towards this release since the late seventies and early eighties. I'm not calling for an independent candidate or a third party candidate in 2016. This book and the idea address that which divides us as Americans. 


I first advocated abolishing the party system long before any of the 2016 Presidential Candidates ever seriously considered the presidency. Despite some on the left and right clamoring for a third party candidate, I don’t personally see that happening. Like it or not, this is a race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Depending on which version of America you believe, that’s an easy choice. The difference between Clinton and Trump is so vast that nothing I say in this book or anything else is likely to change anybody’s mind in that debate.

There is no right time to release a nonpartisan book. . .

In an era where the next campaign begins the moment the current one ends, there is not a good opportunity to publish a bipartisan book. The two-party system has created a constant climate of division. That’s why I wrote this book, not in response to any 2016 candidate.

This book is about building, not burning bridges. Take back America focuses, not on issues, but the ability of the two parties to govern. We’re not even to August, and the 2016 Election has Americans more divided than ever, except of course the Civil War. Indeed, some Americans fear another Civil War is brewing. Racial divisions threaten to set the country on fire. Inequality threatens the ideal America we’ve always aspired. Our infrastructure is old, neglected and collapsing. The two political parties are too divided to fix anything. They can’t work together anymore for the best interests of America. Congress is a broken, expensive, corrupt, ineffective, divisive body where the two parties fight their war.


Take Back America advocates the same solution that George Washington and John Adams recommended at the beginning of the nation. Our country would be much better off had they followed Washington and Adams’ advice at the start of the country. While we can’t erase the mistakes of the past, we can remove one from our future by abolishing the party system. That’s why I wrote Take Back America.


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