The Reporter – New Release

I wrote The Reporter with my best friend and wife, Nicola. Therefore, this book holds special importance. I believe The Reporter is my best work so far, partly because of a natural progression, but also because Nicola was more involved.

The Reporter - Jamaica Series

THE REPORTER – New Release

Kaya Truman is fresh out of college, having entered and graduated early. She’s determined to become a hard news reporter. When Hurricane Gilbert forces her in front of the television camera, she becomes an international sensation. Television offers come from all over the world.

When the son of one of her friends goes missing, the mother asks Kaya to investigate.

Joe Rivers is an American who moved to the island to escape the rat race of America. His bohemian lifestyle is interrupted when a powerful U.S. Senator shows up frantically searching for his missing daughter.

In the course of their investigation, Joe and Kaya meet and join forces. What they find leads to an international standoff between Jamaica and the United States. The renegade senator takes things into his own hands. All hell breaks out, with Kaya and Joe right in the middle.

A powerful romance brews as the interracial couple attempts to prevent an invasion. With Senator Titan pushing them closer to war, step by step, the odds are clearly stacked against them.

Can Joe and Kaya prevent an outright U.S. invasion? Can they make their relationship work when interracial relationships between a white man and black woman are almost unheard of in 1989? Can Prime Minister Sawnee Lewis, the dynamic and populist Jamaican leader, dodge the assassination attempts? If she does, will her government survive?

Power, love and life hang in the balance in this conclusion to the Jamaica Series.

The Reporter - Jamaica Series

Jerry and Nicola Beller met in Jamaica in the late eighties. Like Joe, Jerry was an American trying to escape the daily grind of the rat race. Nicola and he met, fell in love, married, had a couple of children, and eventually moved to the states. They and their children consider themselves Jamericans, half-American and half-Jamaican.

“We didn’t want to write our story, so we wrote a story that did justice to our story.”

The Reporter

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