I’ve angered a few people recently by stating things I believe. They claim I’ve “insulted Jesus” when all I’ve done is insult people who lie about Jesus, distort who he was, use him for profit, Facebook likes, to draw attention to themselves, to manipulate and judge others. I called these people hypocrites, and that’s what their self-righteous and judgmental religious darts are.

I’m not using Jesus, God, Allah, Jah, or any religion to judge anybody. What I’m doing is calling out people who have gotten away with tormenting others with bullshit for centuries. Every thinking person on the planet should challenge those who insist on manufacturing fairytales and dressing it up as God.

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So, am I finished? Not by a long shot. I love people who belong to all three of the major religious groups. They’re good and peaceful people and deeply devoted to their religion and God. Each of these people admits to me in private that people use theirs and all faiths to hijack God to do ungodly things.

Sadly, nine out of ten of these beautiful people, who live their lives right and understand the ones I complain about are destroying the world, are too afraid to speak up in public. The problem with religions today is the same problem as the religions Jesus was fighting. If Jesus were to come back today and call out all the churches and hypocrites within them again, I’d fear for his safety, for history likely would repeat itself.


  • I’m agnostic because I can’t prove squat. I believe because many things can’t be explained by science or tools we humans possess.
  • The Golden Rule. I wish every religion and person in the world would focus on this one rule. If humans practiced the Golden Rule, we wouldn’t have rapists, murderers, thieves, warmongers, and diabolical people. Nor would we need jails, courts, prisons and all the expensive shit that goes with trying to police the real majority—criminals in high and low places.
  • We should be vocal about the important things. A person who recognizes injustices either summons the courage to speak out or is a coward who condones evil. You can’t have it both ways.
  • At our best, humans are excellent. I love the best humans, now and from the past. I love what we could be as a species. But, right now we’re just the destroyers of species and life on the only confirmed planet that support advanced lifeforms.
  • I love nature, not when it becomes violent and hurts people, but all of its beauty, structure, change, unpredictability, diversity, and magnificence.
  • Nature and animals go hand-in-hand to some degree, but they’re also entirely different. The animals are more like humans in the sense that everything living on earth must live within the laws of physics and the game of survival. I love animals, again not when one of them becomes a threat, but all the rest of the time. And, I also understand usually they become a threat is when we invade their territory and not the other way around.
  • I love every type of genuine love. The different love one has for a mother, father, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, cousin, friend, etc. It’s all wonderful.
  • Romantic Love. Much more complicated and risky is romantic love. The arrival of texting & social media spelled doom for romance. People show only their best side in the beginning and fall in love with a perception that is rather bogus. The only lasting romantic love is that between soulmates. They love each other with all their hearts, even when the going gets rough, and they don’t particularly like each other at the moment. These people fall in love over and over and over and over their entire lives. The love between soulmates is the only romantic love that is not a mirage.

The truth might set us free, but be prepared for the scorn that follows. Those who deny the truth also hate it with great passion.


  • Promoting superstition and fairytales as the word of God.
  • Self-righteousness.
  • Denying or making up science.
  • Pretending every last one of us on the planet is not agnostic. Bring the proof or admit I’m right.
  • Picking on the smaller, weaker and helpless is the work of moronic predators.
  • Any treatment of people, animals or the planet that violates the Golden Rule. Some human behavior I abhor: lying, cheating, stealing, raping, murdering or anything else that makes a person’s life a negative number when you add up the positive and the negative to determine the bigger number.


I’m a work in progress, so I don’t claim to be perfect, but my wife and others will attest that I’ve evolved into a better and wiser man with age. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I’ve studied the things I fight for as a scholar. I read dozens of books a year, and not just those that validate opinions I already have. I read the columns of credible conservatives, liberals, and independents. I also read global newspapers to try to understand perspectives beyond this country on international issues. I’m willing to learn from anybody who has something to teach me, and I don’t care what they call themselves. Truth, facts, science, spirituality are areas I work hard to learn and evolve.


There isn’t anybody on the planet that doesn’t have at least one or two things to teach me from their unique experience and perspective. I work much harder than the average person to read the right books, articles, and such, but remain overwhelmed by how much I don’t know. So, I am willing to agree with anybody on the planet, one issue at a time. All they have to do is convince me they command the facts, science, truth, morality, or spirituality on any one issue.



But, I won’t pretend rhetoric, fairy tales, superstition and outright lies are the truth. I don’t accept anybody’s word at face value on critical issues. We should all form our opinions based on objective research, not what others drill into our head.

What makes us human is our ability to think for ourselves, but people become dangerous when billions are walking around like sheep allowing the herders of the world to steer them to graze (shop) here and there.

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