THRILLER IN JAMAICA – A Political Thriller Novel

Thriller in Jamaica is book two in the Jamaica Series by Jerry Beller.



Seasoned veteran, Constable Brown reports for duty in the aftermath of Hurricane Gilbert to find anabandoned station. Rookie, Constable Johnson reports for duty even though this is his day off. A menacing and ruthless gang rises up in the wake of the natural disaster that knocked out the nation’s entire infrastructure. When their colleagues fail to report for duty, two brave constables take a stand against overwhelming odds. The hurricane killed and injured many citizens, but the gang is even more diabolical. This is a story about some brave and resilient Jamaicans, and one white American, who demonstrate heroism, integrity, and sacrifice when tragedy strikes.

Thriller in Jamaica is book one in the gripping Kingston Political Thriller trilogy in the Jamaica Series.

This gripping, fast-paced political thriller follows interesting good and bad guys on a suspenseful adventure from Washington DC, to Peru, to Colombia, and especially Jamaica.


Constable Brown and Constable Johnson want law and order on the streets.


Joe Rivers, white American, carefully plotted his escape from the rat race, and is determined not to allow a hurricane or anything else to block his chosen path.


Saw is muscular, tough, fearless, vengeful, calculating, sexy, frightening, and more dangerous than any three male villains. She and her gang are determined to takeover Kingston during the crisis.

Good versus Evil, Underdog versus Goliath

Diabolical gangs, corrupt politicians, and the Lopez drug cartel conspire to unleash horror on the defenseless Jamaican island. Brave but overwhelmed, Constables Brown and Johnson fight the dark and sinister forces.


Joe uses some powerful connections in Washington to fly to Jamaica when commercial flights are shut down, but now he must cross on foot through Kinston streets crawling with criminals and murderers.


Saw and her terrifying gang focus their wrath on Constables Brown and Johnson.


Being white makes Joe a target of every white-hating gangster in the black ghetto he must pass through on foot.


While Joe and two Jamaican companions fight their way through dangerous streets on foot, Constables Brown and Johnson fight for their lives against Saw and her ruthless gang. Can any of the good guys survive against such great odds?



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Thriller in Jamaica is book one in the Jamaica Series by Jerry Beller.

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