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Warpath is an exciting end to the People of the Longhouse Series. After thoroughly enjoying the first three books in the series, I’ve looked forward to Warpath. It does not disappoint!
Although the peacemaker who started it all has long disappeared, the Great League remains strong. The problem is the dynamics have changed with the newly formed alliance of the Wyandot. Stuck between the two great alliances is the Erie/Long Tails People.


WARPATH (People of the Longhouse Series) by Zoe Saadia

The Long Tails are neutral but trapped between the two growing alliances. Aingahon, who seeks revenge against the Great Alliance, attempts to rally the Long Tails. He has little, or no, success until he allies with Tsutahi. She is deaf but is an expert archer and as brave as any male character in the story. With one strategic assassination, the pair can stir the Long Tails into action.


Within the Great League, the War Chief’s sons, Ganayeda and Okwaho, emerge as leaders. They understand that it is not enough for the people of the Great League to simply not attack each other. They bend the rules to rally warriors of the entire Great League to challenge the ambitious Long Tails’ plans.
Because of the nature of the Great League, Ganayeda has no warrior experience. Still, he becomes the unquestioned leader. His younger brother, Okwaho, is skilled in the field of battle from his many years of wandering, works with him step-by-step to rally the warriors, skirt around the laws, and serves as the de facto War Chief of the operation.


Like a chess match, the two sides strategize and improvise their way towards one of the greatest and biggest battles ever fought along the Great Lakes region. Young bucks from two competing alliances are hungry to prove themselves on the field of battle. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, on both sides march towards each other. War drums pound. Hearts thump.

The Long Tails…

With his considerable limp, Aingahon leads the Long Tails towards battle. Although the unquestioned leader when the going gets rough, the warriors come from different villages, and are a bit like herding rabbits. Anxious for combat, young bucks jump the gun to raid villages, risking giving away their element of surprise. He thinks they are heading into a trap, but can he get the other leaders to listen to reason?

Two Great Forces…

When the two great forces finally meet, the story twists and turns from points of views that tell both sides of the story. Bravery. Stubbornness. Heroism. Stupidity. Brilliance. Fear. All emerge with dozens of twists and turns.

One brave woman among the brave warriors…

Brave men die by the hundreds on both sides. The casualties of war include friend and foe, depending on one’s point of view. None of the brave men on either side, however, exhibit more bravery or fighting spirit than Tsutahi. Like a warrior princess, she proves as courageous and capable as any warrior on the battlefield. She risks her life on more than one occasion to save her beloved Aingahon.


In conclusion…

When I reach the end of a great book or series, I feel a combination of emotions. I feel fortunate to have gone along for the ride on the author’s journey. The great characters and plots carry me away to places and events far away. Zoe Saadia’s books and series move me in such away. While I might be a little sad for it to be over, I have read enough of this author to know that the conclusion of one great series typically just sets up another. I count myself among those who cannot wait for the next Zoe Saadia book.

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