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We Want Solutions - Jerry Beller blog

We Want Solutions. Hey Partisans: Stop bashing the other side & start offering solutions to our problems. #bipartisanship #issues #solutions #2016 #politics


Instead of just bashing the other side, how about we start offering specific solutions to specific solutions. All both sides have accomplished with constantly bashing each other is convince a many of us that both sides suck.

We Want Solutions - Jerry Beller blog

How do we:

  • Address the debt?
  • Provide affordable health care?
  • Humanely, practically, and legally address Illegal Immigration?
  • Take care of Veterans? You know the people who fight our wars!
  • Better educate our citizens?
  • Address climate change?
  • Repair our broken infrastructure?
  • Create more and better jobs?
  • Keep Wall Street from destroying the country with their too big to police approach?
  • Get back the money we paid in social security that the politicians in both parties embezzled?
  • Put to work everybody able and willing to work.
  • See to it that our citizens receive a fair day’s pay for an honest day’s work.
  • Eliminate corporate welfare.
  • Help small businesses to sprout up all over the country.
  • Eliminate cronyism.
  • Fix our idiotic tax code.
  • Discuss the gun issue as adults. Vegans and hunters, the right and the left, gun owners and law enforcement, citizens and government, and all sane adult should be able to discuss this issue more thoroughly than I hear from both sides.
  • Protect all our rights, not just the 2nd amendment.
  • Eliminate the majority of waste in our government.
  • Address our racial, cultural, partisan differences as respectful adults.

Address the real problems!

Above is the short list of our national problems. Frankly, those serious about fixing our nation’s problems are sick and tired of those on both sides who rant and bash all day. None of us are going to save the world by bashing the other side. We save our country and the world, or at least improve it, by offering solutions. 

We Want Solutions –Address the Real Problems! by Jerry Beller

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