When Will It End?

I hoped to go a day or two without feeling compelled to write anything about race, cops, and shootings. Instead, an attorney friend emailed me the footage released a couple of hours ago of the latest white cop shooting a black man in Tulsa. At best, this is a case of another cop who is undertrained and unfit for duty. If you can stomach the video, it’s below, although you must start it as I disengaged the automatic start. One such video is horrific to watch and we’ve all seen too many. I advise black people to avoid watching the video (It’ll only hurt or anger you), but every white person should watch it about fifty times.

We need colorblind robots for cops. Police violence must stop. We need better-trained cops, better citizens, and more accountability for both when they cross certain lines.

And we need juries who are unafraid to convict bad cops. As things stand, even panels in predominantly black cities fear to convict a cop because of potential backlash from law enforcement.

Good cops must take a stand against bad cops, and good citizens must unite against bad citizens, and leave color at the door. Enough is enough! Trigger happy cops and violent citizens threaten every decent cop and citizen in this country.

When are we going to come together and end this crap? And, I’m not talking about some unpatriotic display or daily angry rants on FB (doesn’t persuade anybody), but more productive, developed action to change laws and enforce them against bad cops and bad citizens.

The looters in Milwaukee wouldn’t want me on their jury, and this cop probably wouldn’t want me on hers. She has a lot of explaining to do, or I’d stare down every police officer in Tulsa to convict her if I were on the jury.

Law enforcement must start using stun guns and other devices to drop people when they fear for their lives. We’re not limited to the technology of Dodge City in 1872. I understand why law enforcement is frightened for their lives. We’ve got too many armed and dangerous citizens. But, why are cops killing innocent or unarmed people, when we have the technology take down a charging elephant without killing them?

Incidents like in Tulsa partly explains why mobs jumped the gun in Milwaukee and burned businesses (jobs?), only to find out later the cop shot somebody who was pointing a stolen gun at him, a weapon the young man obtained in a recent home robbery.

Trigger happy cops, all pigments, endanger every honest, decent law enforcement officer. They’re also helping fuel an idiotic race war.

One side calls for harsher penalties for violent criminals. I concur. The other side calls for prison terms for cops who shoot unarmed citizens. If the officer can’t provide reasonable evidence to justify the mistake, I also concur.

My ability to forgive all but disappears when a cop or citizens murders, rapes or otherwise commits violence against another citizen. From what I see, this cop should face charges.

I’ll update this later, but once again I call on the best citizens and cops to stand together against the worse. Every decent person in America is at risk if we don’t get a handle on the violence ripping through our society.when-will-it-end-jerry-beller-blog-fb

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