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Everybody stop using “WHITE PEOPLE” or “BLACK PEOPLE” or “BROWN PEOPLE” unless what you’re talking about pertains to everybody who ever lived in one or the other race. It’s usually bigotry when somebody starts a sentence with “White People” or “Black People.” No race holds a monopoly on character, honesty, strength, courage, humanism, common sense; nor on cruelty, hatred, stupidity, ignorance, violence and dishonesty. We have many problems in the US and the world, but color isn’t one between decent people.

As bad as it is for those at the very bottom, this remains the absolute best time ever to live. The good old days never existed for most people. I don’t want to return to segregation, slavery, the Grapes of Wrath, landrushes, land stealing, genocide and other flaws of the past that held down most white, black, brown, red and yellow people.

We either work together to build a better future by addressing what is still wrong with us as a people, nation, culture, species, or the haters win. If the haters win, the rest of us lose. There won’t be any more forward progress, slow as it might be, but instead a steady drift back to the mistakes of the past.

Sane people of every color and culture cannot allow our frustrations at the speed of progress to allow dividers to destroy legitimate progress. Perhaps, we spend so much time complaining that we forget to celebrate real progress.

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While there are virtues of the past we should hold on to, and restore if we’ve lost them, only a fool wants to return to the past. Despite all the attention on sensationalism and negativity, this is the best time ever to live. More food, less hunger. More personal safety, less war. More rights, less systematic bigotry. More peace, less violence. More entertainment, less boredom. More comforts, less hardship.

Black, Brown & White - JB Blog

We should wake every day and fight injustice, but we should also celebrate and appreciate what we have living today.

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